Senators Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer talking in a group

The Inflation Reduction Act is, without hyperbole, a transformative law that was miraculously passed at a time when our polarized political system is in gridlock. Despite the name, the law is focused more on closing tax loopholes, extending Affordable Care Act and healthcare provisions, and benefits to promote the adoption of renewable energy.

Initially part of the ambitious Build Back Better Plan, the scope was reduced from $3.5 trillion to $369 billion (accompanying a $737 billion raise) after Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (WV) publicly pulled his support. What followed were months of negotiations between Manchin and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer.

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A stand-up electric scooter
Higherwire handles thousands of batteries a day, the vast majority of them lithium. As a manufacturer of Second Life lithium batteries, we know the risk of battery fires and take every precaution to prevent and prepare for them. That includes mandatory safety training and PPE to protect our employees, fire extinguishers and sand-filled buckets at every station, ensuring batteries are stored away from flammable materials, and working with local fire officials to make sure our policies and procedures are safe. It’s also why we’re acquiring UL, R2 and ISO certifications. We want to make sure everything we do is as safe as it is sustainable.
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