BESS Warranty

Our renewed battery assemblies include a leading 5-year limited warranty. The warranty period begins at the date of purchase unless installed by Higher Wire Inc. Contact or click the link below for full battery warranty terms and conditions.

Renewed battery limited warranty

Warranty does not cover abuse outside of intended operation. Such use includes but is not limited to: chargers not intended for lithium-ion batteries, excessive over- or under-charge, excessive load (especially due to high lock-rotor amperage during motor starting), excessive high or low temperature, operation in wet environments, operation in environments with high radio frequency (RF) radiation, ultraviolet light exposure.

Batteries must be installed in a cool, dry location. Unless explicitly specified, Higher Wire batteries are not water- or weather-resistant and should not be subject to excessive humidity or weather.

Higher Wire Inc. reserves the right to change these warranty terms at any point and without notice.

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