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At Higherwire, our focus is on eliminating barriers to sustainable energy storage. Not only do we manufacture US-made new lithium batteries, we've also developed a patent-pending process to remanufacture recycled lithium batteries for continued use. We carefully disassemble them, then use those which pass our rigorous analysis to create “Second Life” battery assemblies to power off-grid lighting and stationary energy storage applications. We are not just a manufacturer: we perform engineering, design and installation, as well as ongoing operations and maintenance on the entire system. We've even worked with major energy storage manufacturers to refurbish their systems and maximize their lifecycle.

Our products are designed to be a direct replacement for many lead acid applications, and we ensure that they meet or exceed existing specifications. They require no maintenance and can fit twice the capacity at half the weight. And they provide the outstanding life and performance of lithium at a price competitive with lead-acid, which translates to the lowest overall lifecycle costs in the industry. We back this up with a warranty and optional extended operations and maintenance program. In fact, our oldest systems are still in service after more than four years, and we handle recycling for both our products and the lead-acid batteries they replace.

Our goal is to create a truly circular ecosystem in which nuisance waste can be remade into useful assets within the community. Each kilowatt-hour of battery we manufacture reduces global demand for critical minerals by over 20 pounds. And as lithium battery experts, we handle of every step of the Second Life and end-of-life process. That includes shipping and logistics, Second Life, and even proper recycling of everything we can’t use per R2 standards. PC boards, bad batteries, even the plastic housings are passed down to end-of-life processing plants for proper recycling.

Interested in improving the sustainability of your batteries? Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals!

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