A graph showing recent nickel strip prices
Driven largely by battery manufacturing, the EV sector and stainless steel production, nickel demand has ramped up in recent years, with 2021 seeing 17% demand growth. Combine that with supply disruption and inflationary pressure and the result has been wild price fluctuations and 50% price increase over the past 12 months.
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18650 cylindrical cells in Higherwire heat shrink
Higherwire   We are excited to announce that we have created 18650 heat shrink sleeves with our logo! Since we repurpose 18650 cells for our battery assemblies, we have to deal with a lot of damaged heat shrink, tape, and...
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Where are the 18650s?
18650's   You might have noticed that much of our stock of many 18650 cells is running low or out. We’re still analyzing cells! But a few things have conspired to keep us from updating stock. First, and this is...
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