3D Printed Parts
In addition to retail sales, we manufacture battery energy storage systems (BESS) using the same Second Life lithium ion cells that we sell. The majority of our BESS find themselves in solar lights and other low-drain applications that can take...
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What's in an order?
Once we receive an order, we pull the appropriate number of cells and check voltage to ensure no dead cells. We also double-check for physical damage, then place them in plastic holders to keep them safely spaced apart and wrap them in layers of bubble wrap. We include a capacity sheet and data sheet for reference. When you receive the cells, they should all be around 3.0 – 3.5 volts. Make sure you charge all cells prior to use.
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Welcome to our humble website. We are still in the process of updating, adding products and info, and generally working out all the bugs. Join us as we elevate the way the world views sustainable energy.   We have a...
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