Higherwire Attends Tempe Electric Vehicle Expo

Electric vehicle circa 1900

On July 29, the Higherwire team joined the City of Tempe and Local First AZ for another event to encourage a clean-energy future. The Tempe EV (electric vehicle) expo allowed visitors to explore electric vehicles to promote the use of renewable energy. We connected with various companies about the value and options for electrification, including renewables, energy storage, EVs and e-bikes. A few companies were even giving rides in their electric vehicles.

Higherwire is dedicated to making renewable energy more cost-effective and sustainable, and we showed visitors how we repurpose EV, e-bike, scooter, and consumer electronics batteries for stationary energy storage.

Tempe is committed to making electric vehicles more accessible to the public and increasing usage. Vehicle pollution is the largest contributor to Arizona's air impurity, and as of December 2021, more than 40,740 vehicles registered were electric. That ranks Arizona with the seventh highest number among the states. Tempe aims to be using 100% renewable energy for city operations by 2035, and to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Electric Tempe | City of Tempe, AZ

Mads' Fun Facts

  • It is reported that electric vehicles and other zero-emission vehicles will make up 70% of new vehicle sales by 2040.
  • 500 charging stations will be installed across Phoenix to increase electric vehicle usage in the next 8 years.
  • SRP found that 84% of EV customers said they would recommend purchasing an electric vehicle to a friend or colleague.
  • The first electric car designed in the US was in 1890, and could only go as fast as 14 MPH.
  • In 1911, Emil Gruenfeldt of the Baker Motor Vehicle Company covered 201.6 miles (324 km)  on a single charge in his Baker Electric Roadster (shown below).

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