Portable Solar Generators

Portable Solar Generators

If you are browsing our site, you are probably at least tangentially interested in portable solar generators. They’re relatively small suitcases with a battery, solar and AC charger, and a few electrical ports for AC and DC power.

We had a customer reach out to us to ask about one of these portable generators. He found an online tutorial to make one himself, but it uses an outdated and heavy lead-acid battery with only 700Wh of capacity. We told him that we could outfit a similar system with nearly four times the capacity and the same weight using our lithium batteries.

Simply put, out lithium batteries have nearly three times the energy density of lead acid. They last up to twice as long. And they cost less over the entire lifetime of the battery. So why use outdated technology?

This solar generator uses two of our 25.9-volt 50 amp-hour batteries for a total capacity of 2.6 kilowatt-hours. It features a 3 kilowatt inverter, GFCI outlet with outdoor cover, USB and micro-USB charge ports, a 12v auxiliary power outlet, and two flood lights: one on the top and one on the side.

Portable solar generator


Charging -

Charging is taken care of via an on-board solar charge controller capable of handling 580 watts. Panels can be attached using a quick-connect SAE solar connector, and an MC4 to SAE adapter is included. We also included a 100W AC charger fed through a weatherproof bulkhead connector. The system can even be charged while in use.

We're building a smaller, even more portable 600W / 1kWh suitcase to use as a demonstration for partners and investors.

Interested in a solar generator? Contact us at sales@higherwire.com and we can put one together for you. Or we can help you pick out components to build your own and even supply batteries if you're inclined to build your own. 

Portable solar generator

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