New Products and a Nickel Strip Discount! 21700, 26650, 32650/32700 Accessories

We have been busy adding new products to our catalog. In the coming days, you can expect new listings for 2P and 4P nickel strip in 26650 (2665) and 32650/32700 sizes, as well as 21700 brackets, new colors of heat shrink and more.

Our eBay store is up and running with all of these changes, but we will be adding them to the website soon, too. In the meantime, feel free to drop us an email if you see anything on our eBay site that we haven't added here. We prefer to sell through the website to save on fees, which we can pass along in the form of lower prices for you.

We've also added an automatic discount: buy 2 pieces of nickel strip and get the 3rd at 20% off. This is not limited to a single productt, so you can mix and match sizes and still save!

Thanks as always for your support.

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