Lithium-Ion BESS Sales

We give new life to old batteries by manufacturing Second Life lithium-ion assemblies using the same cells that we sell. In fact, we have deployed many of our battery assemblies into solar energy storage applications for park lights, agrivoltaics, and solar demonstrations, among others. We use many of the same case sizes as off-the-shelf lead acid batteries so they are a drop-in replacement.

Model HW0735040B, shown below, is roughly the size of a Group 34 battery. It has a capacity of 1,000 watt-hours at 24 volts (25.9v nominal), with a maximum discharge of 40 amps. It will last longer, deliver more power and weighs far less (under 22 lb) than a traditional lead-acid battery. See the full specs right here.

There's a lot that goes into a product launch, but we are busy creating engineering drawings and acquiring certifications to maximize product safety.

Higher Wire 24 volt lithium-ion battery assembly

Until we get this page updated, feel free to contact us at for information on a BESS for your energy storage needs.

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