Now in Stock: Scooter Battery Packs

A used scooter battery pack

We have some great news coming out of Tempe this week: Higherwire has partnered with several electric mobility companies to create a circular process for their returned battery packs!

Our main focus is to pair these with our solar energy storage systems, as usual. However, supply is such that we're also going to offer them at around $1.50 per watt-hour as a budget-friendly solution for those looking to build custom packs. Contact us at for more information.

These packs are typically between 1,400 and 1,600+ watt-hours in a 20s configuration with around 150 18650 cells.

Higherwire performs an incoming inspection, including pack voltage, on every battery pack but assumes no responsibility for the actual cell remaining life.

Lithium batteries are dangerous! These are not to be handled by anyone who is not comfortable with lithium batteries or that does not understand that lithium batteries can be very dangerous. Customers must read our lithium battery warning and safety guidelines prior to purchase.

Most of these packs come with name-brand nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) cells that offer outstanding capacity (around 3,000mAh and above) and performance under moderate loads. We've disassembled and analyzed hundreds of these cells and have found the majority are still well above 90% capacity. In fact, we've even built an e-bike battery with them.

These packs are typically around 1,400 to 1,600+ watt-hours in a 20s configuration (72 volts nominal), with around 150 18650 cells. They come with a standard BMS usually capable of above 2,000 watts discharge, and some even have an XT90 connector. They're typically packed in a honeycomb pattern inside a black aluminum case, both of which can be reused.

One downside is that many packs are packed with a soft, RTV-like potting. This makes disassembly a bit of a pain, although it hasn't prevented us from testing full assemblies or removing the individual cells. We simply scrape the potting off using a hard plastic spatula.

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