Lithium Ion Battery Data Sheets

We've collected data sheets for most major 18650 batteries, and have stored them locally to our website for ease of use. See below to download the PDF.

We’re updating this page to add PDFs and make navigation easier. Contact us if you need a specific data sheet.

NOTE: NCR cells may be found under Panasonic or Sanyo. Check both manufacturers if you can't find your specific model.





INR18650MF2 CGR18650 ICR18650-18
LGAAHD21865 (ICR18650HD2) CGR18650A ICR18650-20
LGAAMF11865 (ICR18650MF1) CGR18650AF ICR18650-20B
LGAAS31865 (ICR18650S3) CGR18650C ICR18650-20C
LGAAS41865 (ICR18650S4) CGR18650CA ICR18650-20F
LGABB41865 (ICR18650B4) CGR18650CE ICR18650-22
LGABC11865 (ICR18650C1) CGR18650CF ICR18650-22B
LGABC21865 (ICR18650C2) CGR18650CG ICR18650-22E
LGABC41865 (INR18650C4) CGR18650CH ICR18650-22F
LGABD11865 (ICR18650D1) CGR18650D ICR18650-22FM
LGABD21865 (INR18650D2) CGR18650DA ICR18650-22FU
LGABE11865 (ICR18650E1) CGR18650E ICR18650-20PM
LGABE11865 (ICR18650E1) CGR18650EA ICR18650-22P
LGABF1L1865 (INR18650F1L) CGR18650H ICR18650-22P M
LGABHG21865 (ICR18650HG2) CGR18650HG ICR18650-24A
LGCAS31865 (ICR18650S3) CGR18650HGL ICR18650-24B
LGCH118650 (18650H1) CGR18650HM ICR18650-24E
LGCP218650 (ICR18650P2) NCR18500A ICR18650-24F
LGCS218650 (ICR18650S2) NCR18650 ICR18650-26A
LGCS318650 (ICR18650S3) NCR18650A ICR18650-26C
LGDA2E18650 (ICR18650A2) NCR18650B ICR18650-26D
LGDA418650 (18650A4) NCR18650BD ICR18650-26F
LGDAHA11865 (ICR18650HA1) NCR18650BE ICR18650-26FM
LGDAHB21865 (ICR18650HB2) NCR18650BF ICR18650-26FU
LGDAHB61865 (18650HB6) NCR18650D ICR18650-26H
LGDAHD2C1865 (18650HD2C) NCR18650G ICR18650-26J
LGDAHD41865 (ICR18650HD4) NCR18650PD ICR18650-28A
LGDAME11865 (ICR18650ME1) NCR18650PF ICR18650-30A
LGDAMF11865 (ICR18650MF1) UR18650NSX ICR18650-30B
LGDAS31865 (ICR18650S3) ICR18650-32A
LGDAS41865 (ICR18650S4) INR18650-13B*
LGDB118650 (ICR18650B1) INR18650-13P*
LGDB218650 (18650B2) INR18650-13Q*
LGDB318650 (ICR18650B3) INR18650-15M*
LGDBB11865 (ICR18650B1) INR18650-15MM*
LGDBB31865 (ICR18650B3) INR18650-15Q*
LGDBB41865 (ICR18650B4) INR18650-15R*
LGDBC21865 (ICR18650C2) INR18650-20Q*
LGDBD11865 (ICR18650D1) INR18650-20R*
LGDBHE21865 (18650HE2) INR18650-25R*
LGDBHE41865 (18650HE4) INR18650-29E*
LGDBHG21865 (18650HG2) INR18650-30Q*
LGDBM361865 (18650M36) INR18650-33G*
LGDBMG11865 (18650MG1)
LGDBMH11865 (INR18650MH1) 2170/21700 Form Factor
LGDBMJ11865 (18650MJ1)
LGDC118650 (ICR18650C1) INR21700-40T*
LGDS218650 (ICR18650S2) INR21700-48G*
LGDS318650 (ICR18650S3)
LGEAMF11865 (ICR18650MF1)
LGEAS31865 (ICR18650S3)
LGEBE11865 (ICR18650E1)
LGEBMF21865 (ICR18650MF1)
LGEBMJ11865 (18650MJ1)
LGEP218650 (ICR18650P2)
LGES218650 (ICR18650S2)
LGES318650 (ICR18650S3)
LGGBF1L1865 (INR18650F1L)




NCR18650BF US17670

FST 18650-2500

Lishen LR18650SK

US17670GR (G2)
NCR18650BL US18650E
NCR18650GA US18650GR (G1)
Red Ring US18650GR (G3)
UR16650ZTA US18650GR (G4)
UR18650A US18650GR (G5)
UR18650AA US18650GR (G6)
UR18650E US18650GR (G7)
UR18650EA US18650GR (G8) (this is a safety data sheet that lists nominal capacity)
UR18650F US18650GS
UR18650FB US18650NC1
UR18650FJ US18650S
UR18650FK US18650V
UR18650FM US18650V
UR18650H US18650V2
UR18650P US18650V3
UR18650RX US18650VT*
UR18650S US18650VT3*
UR18650SA US18650VTC3*
UR18650W2 US18650VTC4*
UR18650WX US18650VTC6*