City of Phoenix contracts with Higher Wire solidifying the reliability of their renewed batteries for everyday use

City of Phoenix contracts with Higher Wire solidifying the reliability of their renewed batteries for everyday use

Batteries providing a domestic solution and remarkably decreasing carbon emissions up to 99% compared to competitor products.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, July 5, 2023/ -- Higher Wire, a trailblazer in advanced battery solutions, proudly announces a groundbreaking contract awarded by the City of Phoenix to revolutionize the use of renewed batteries in stationary applications at local parks and public facilities. This agreement not only validates Higher Wire's cutting-edge technology but also solidifies its position as a key player in the energy storage industry. The contract highlights the remarkable strides made by Higher Wire in creating a sustainable battery supply chain solution and promoting the second life of batteries.

The City of Phoenix, renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and renewable energy, recognizes the exceptional potential of Higher Wire's renewed battery solutions. As part of this contract, Higher Wire will provide its innovative battery systems for stationary applications at several local parks and integrate them within solar installations. The City's decision to choose Higher Wire underscores its confidence in the reliability, efficiency, and scalability of the company's battery technology, specifically in the renewed battery space.

Higher Wire’s revolutionary process is a breakthrough which empowers the City of Phoenix to optimize the performance and dependability of its renewable energy infrastructure while reducing carbon emissions and fostering a cleaner, greener environment.

"We are absolutely thrilled to have been selected for this momentous project by the City of Phoenix. This contract is not only a testament to the tremendous potential of our battery technology but also highlights the City's unwavering commitment to sustainability and circular economy principles. We are honored to contribute to their vision by providing them with advanced, scalable renewed battery systems that will drive their renewable energy initiatives to new heights", said Trevor Warren, CEO of Higher Wire.

City of Phoenix South Mountain Park solar-powered lighting using Higher Wire batteries

Higher Wire's renewed battery solutions leverage innovative materials and advanced manufacturing processes to deliver compact, lightweight designs that maximize energy storage capacity. By repurposing batteries that have completed their initial life cycle, Higher Wire eliminates the need for additional raw materials and reduces waste. This approach not only extends the useful life of batteries but also reduces the environmental impact associated with the battery supply chain.

The collaboration between Higher Wire and the City of Phoenix marks a monumental step forward in deploying advanced battery technology at scale and promoting circular economy practices. By choosing Higher Wire as their trusted supplier, the City of Phoenix sets a remarkable example for other municipalities and organizations, encouraging the adoption of sustainable energy solutions and emphasizing the critical importance of investing in renewable infrastructure and a circular battery supply chain.

City of Phoenix South Mountain Park solar-powered lighting using Higher Wire batteries


About Higher Wire:

Higher Wire is at the forefront of advanced battery solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing the energy storage industry. With a relentless focus on innovation and sustainability, Higher Wire designs and manufactures cutting-edge battery systems for various applications. The company's mission is to measurably reduce the waste, carbon footprint, and global impact of the lithium battery supply chain by:
+maximizing the useful life of first life batteries.
+reusing quality cells to manufacture renewed batteries.
+manufacturing carbon-neutral energy storage systems.

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