Arizona New Economy Initiative Awards Research Grant to Higher Wire, Inc.

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July 1, 2022 -- The Arizona New Economy Initiative today awarded Higher Wire Inc. a research grant for research to further the use of recycled lithium batteries in Second Life applications.

[This] is not only investing in Higherwire, it is reshaping the future of Arizona by identifying and meeting critical technological and market needs.

The project, entitled "New Methodologies for Predicting Remaining Life of Second Life Lithium-Ion Batteries," will be funded by the NEI Advanced Materials, Processes, and Energy Devices (AMPED) Science and Technology Center (STC). Higherwire will partner with the Arizona State University Ira A Fulton School of Engineering over a 12-month period of performance to test novel methods for estimating state of health (SOH) for individual cells and battery assemblies.

The Arizona New Economy Initiative released the following statement: "As Arizona’s economic growth continues and plans for NEI come to fruition, [this] project presents an opportunity to advance innovative research while building a network of connections across disciplines as well as with industry partners. We expect the three thrust areas of AMPED—photovoltaics, batteries, and power-electronic devices—to be important drivers of economic growth across the state and region. We look forward to the implementation of [this] project and its impact on research, technology development, student education, and Arizona’s future."

The New Economy Initiative is a forward-thinking investment by the State of Arizona that leverages the breadth and depth of ASU’s knowledge and expertise to improve Arizona’s competitiveness in the sectors that matter most for 21st century industrial growth, including advanced manufacturing and materials, advanced communication technologies, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, digital media, virtual and augmented reality, big data and more. The New Economy Initiative builds on the foundation ASU has laid over nearly two decades in enabling access to high-quality education and innovative research that addresses the needs of the market and society. ASU is supporting the New Economy Initiative by partnering with industry to understand emerging technological and market needs and by providing education, producing skilled workers and supporting innovation to drive sustained economic growth for Arizona

“The New Economy Initiative recognizes the impact that renewable energy has and will continue to have on our future,” said Higherwire President and CEO Trevor Warren. “This project will support our mission to create a circular process that solves growing concerns over the lithium battery lifecycle, allow us to continue to offer innovative solutions insulated from global supply-chain disruption while reducing the barriers to entry for renewable energy, and highlight the value of extending the useful life of lithium batteries through Second Life applications. ASU is not only investing in Higherwire, it is reshaping the future of Arizona by identifying and meeting critical technological and market needs.”

More information can be found on the New Economy Initiative website at the following link: