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Welcome to our humble website. We are still in the process of updating, adding products and info, and generally working out all the bugs. Join us as we elevate the way the world views sustainable energy.


We have a ton of projects going on, including a collaboration with Solar Magazine on a Second Life battery for a solar demonstration, research that we're doing on used 18650 lithium ion cells, and solar street lights which we're converting from lead acid to lithium. So stay tuned to this blog for updates, and check out the products we have on offer for your build. Feel free to drop us a line at sales@higherwire.com, and sign up to our newsletter for blog posts, info, and subscriber discounts. We're going to try to keep up with a few blog posts per month, but no guarantees.


Thanks for your business, and we hope you're as excited about this as we are.

Higherwire: Energy Solutions, Elevated

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