Roypow 48v (51v Nominal) Refurbished Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries Roypow
Roypow 48v (51v Nominal) Refurbished Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries Roypow
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Roypow 48v (51v Nominal) Refurbished Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries

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We've received a pallet of Roypow 48v (51v actual nominal voltage) lithium golf cart batteries, which we've analyzed and refurbished. These come with safe lithium iron phosphate cells. They weigh significantly less than lead acid, output far more power and are a drop-in, even if your cart is 36v*.

In most cases we've replaced the battery management system (BMS) and many, if not all, of the individual cells. The on/off switch and communications plug no longer work; our BMS has an auto-shutoff feature to minimize battery drain. Simply charge or discharge to wake the battery up.

These measure 17" (L) x 13" (W) x 9" (H), and have two tabs on each end to bolt into the cart. Please measure your specific application to determine whether they will fit. It is imperative that they are fastened down to prevent damage during operation.

These also include Bluetooth monitoring. Contact us for instructions on how to connect to Bluetooth.

Charger and battery monitor are not included, however we can send you our recommendations.

These are designed to be used with unmodified golf carts only! They are unable to handle the higher current draw from aftermarket motors and controllers. If you are looking for a battery for a modified cart please contact us for design assistance.

These come with a one-year warranty. Please allow for up to one week for us to prep and ship.

*It is the buyer's responsibility to check whether a 48v lithium-ion battery will work with their 36v application.


  • Typical 20-30 miles per charge

The average 18 hole round of golf is 6-8 miles.

  • Built-in protection functions

Multiple built-in protection functions to insure safety including over charge protection, over discharge protection, over heated protection and short circuit protection.

  • High Charging Efficiency and less power consumption

LiFePO4 battery systems can be charged quickly in a short time.  Full charge will take 5+ hours with a typical charger.

Capacity = Runtime. There can be many different factors that determine how many miles you will get from your battery per charge.

For a standard 2 seat cart, you can expect the following mileage: 50Ah ~ 10-15 miles, 100Ah ~ 20-25 miles, 150Ah ~ 40-50 miles

*Cart weight and cruising speed as well as terrain can contribute to a lower mileage output per charge.

Max Continuous Discharge = The maximum power your battery can output continuously for the duration of the cycle.

100A is plenty of power for a standard model cart.

If you have a heavily modified or larger 6 seat cart (motor controller rated 240 Amps or higher), you may want to choose a battery with a higher continuous discharge. If you are unsure, please contact us prior to purchase!

*Attempting to run your battery at higher than rated discharge will cause the battery management system to go into timeout to prevent damage to the battery cells. This will cause it to shutdown completely for a short period of time.

Max Pulse Discharge = For those instances when you might need a little extra power like going up a steep incline.


These are nearly 100lb apiece and will be shipped ground freight as a Class 9 hazardous material at the buyer's cost. Buyer may also pick up at our warehouse free of cost.

We ship the majority of our orders by the next business day. Lithium batteries may take up to two business days to process to accommodate inspection and logging into our system.

Our shipping rates are based on the weight of all ordered products plus estimated weight of packaging. We make every effort to forecast an accurate shipping cost, but cannot be 100% certain in all cases. Please contact us at with any questions prior to purchase.

We pack and label all lithium battery shipments in accordance with Federal Regulation 49CFR173.185, as well as USPS Publication 52 Hazard Class 9 or UPS/Fedex guidelines. Unless otherwise stated, lithium batteries are not eligible for free shipping.

We try to pack all items in an order in a single box, however we may on occasion need to ship items separately. Special shipping does not apply to lithium ion batteries, and orders that include batteries may not qualify for free or expedited shipping.

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