Genuine INR18650MH1, Rated 3.2 amp-hour 10a Drain Lithium-Ion Battery, Used/Tested Higher Wire

Genuine INR18650MH1 Lithium-Ion Battery, Rated 3.2 amp-hour 10a Drain, Used/Tested

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These are genuine used 18650 lithium ion batteries that were pulled from scooters and e-bikes. They are rated at 3200 mAh (3.2 Ah) and 10a drain, although the minimum brand-new capacity is actually 3100 mAh. We have done capacity check on these at 1 amp drain, and all have actual capacity above 80% of their as-new minimum. In fact, the vast majority are above 2900 mAh as-tested.

We've used these to build scooter and e-bike packs, although capacity does go down at higher drain, even up to continuous 1C discharge. We do recommend keeping them below 1C for maximum life and performance. These are outstanding in lower-drain applications.

Click here for our collection of battery data sheets.

These may have the following part numbers:

  • LGDBMH11865
  • LGGBMH11865

These are used cells. We inspect all cells, then charge to 4.2v followed by a discharge test. Note that some higher-capacity cells may have a full charge of 4.30 or 4.35 volts, so we adjust the capacity rating accordingly. We may wrap cells in new heat shrink if the original wrapping was significantly damaged. These may still be delivered with adhesive or tape still attached, or damaged heat shrink. Check out or selection of pre-cut heat shrink and adhesive rings to customize your build.

Our Process

These are used cells. Higherwire safely removes them from consumer electronics battery packs and analyzes them using the same process and equipment as many lithium-ion battery OEMs. That includes a full charge at a rate at or below the manufacturer's specification, internal resistance using both DC and AC analyzers, and full monitored discharge testing to determine capacity. They are then graded according to these and other key characteristics as compared to OEM data sheets.

We may wrap cells in new heat shrink if the original wrapping was significantly damaged. We inspect every cell for corrosion, pitting or damage and recycle any that are suspect. Cells may be delivered with adhesive or tape still attached, or damaged heat shrink. Check out or selection of pre-cut heat shrink, adhesive insulator rings and other accessories to help you finish your build.


Lithium Battery Safety

  • Misusing or mishandling a lithium-ion battery may cause fire or explosion, which can result in personal INJURY or DEATH and property damage. You MUST read the safety warnings and resources before purchasing, using, and/or handling batteries. Even if properly handled, lithium-ion batteries may still catch fire or explode. The buyer acknowledges these risks and absolves Higher Wire Inc. of any responsibility for any damage these cells may cause.
  • Unless otherwise stated, batteries sold by Higherwire are unprotected and not recommended by us or their original manufacturers for use unless equipped with a protection circuit board (PCB), battery management system (BMS), and/or similar device.
  • Lithium batteries must be properly disposed of – NOT in a fire or in the trash. Laws vary at the city, state and national level, and it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they are recycling lithium batteries properly. Many local governments and retail stores offer free recycling, and you should review our How to Recycle Lithium Batteries page.
  • Unless otherwise stated, batteries sold by Higherwire are used and have no warranty, either from Higherwire or the original manufacturer. Although we visually inspect and analyze/grade all batteries prior to sale, it is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect all batteries for physical damage, corrosion, and voltage upon receipt. Contact immediately if there are any issues with an order, and do not use any battery that is damaged or below 3.0 volts upon receipt.
  • Unless otherwise stated, batteries sold by Higherwire are charged to 40% SOC (~3.4v) per IATA and DOT regulations. Charge battery fully to 4.2V before first use.
  • Never attempt to mix and match brands, including models as well as old and new, used, and unused lithium-ion batteries. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure a battery is compatible with the intended application. Contact with any questions, including technical.
  • Unless otherwise stated, batteries sold by Higherwire are shipped as UN3480 per DOT and IATA regulations. We ship using ground shipping to minimize risk of damage to persons or property.
  • Go to our Lithium Battery Safety page for full 18650 lithium battery safety precautions.

We ship the majority of our orders by the next business day. Lithium batteries may take up to two business days to process to accommodate inspection and logging into our system.

Our shipping rates are based on the weight of all ordered products plus estimated weight of packaging. We make every effort to forecast an accurate shipping cost, but cannot be 100% certain in all cases. Please contact us at with any questions prior to purchase.

We pack and label all lithium battery shipments in accordance with Federal Regulation 49CFR173.185, as well as USPS Publication 52 Hazard Class 9 or UPS/Fedex guidelines. Unless otherwise stated, lithium batteries are not eligible for free shipping.

We try to pack all items in an order in a single box, however we may on occasion need to ship items separately. Special shipping does not apply to lithium ion batteries, and orders that include batteries may not qualify for free or expedited shipping.

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