Daly Waterproof 10S 36V 40A Lithium Ion BMS, with Balancing Daly
Daly Waterproof 10S 36V 40A Lithium Ion BMS, with Balancing Daly
Daly Waterproof 10S 36V 40A Lithium Ion BMS, with Balancing Daly
Daly Waterproof 10S 36V 40A Lithium Ion BMS, with Balancing Daly

Daly Waterproof 10S 36V 40A Lithium Ion BMS, with Balancing

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Battery Management System

A battery management system (BMS) is essential in a lithium ion battery build. Li-ion batteries are much more sensitive to voltage than lead acid, and can be dangerous if over- or under-charged. It protects against over- and under-voltage as well as over-current, and ensures that the cells are balanced. This BMS is for a 10S (37v nominal) lithium ion battery, and allows 40 amps continuous discharge and 20 amps charge. That's 1440 watts of continuous power. Wow!
To wire, you will need to solder the B- wire to the battery and P- to the charge/load circuit. You will also need to tie each of the balance leads into the individual battery cells. Note that this does NOT have provision for separate charge and load, as some boards do. Balance wiring is not shown but is included.
This BMS is suited for smaller projects, but don't expect it to be adequate to protect a large build such as an off-grid power wall. This is perfect for eBike and scooters up to 1500 watts, as well as RC projects. And the case is waterproof, so you can ride anytime, anywhere.


See photos for specifications.

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