Residential Solar System Design Assistance

We are now offering solar system design assistance! We create a set of personalized options for your residential solar system, including maximum and recommended array wattage. Don't get ripped off by installers trying to sell you a system that won't pay for itself for 30 years. Solar is the most reliable and affordable energy source on earth, and we want to help as many people as possible better understand how it will affect their bottom line. We will be setting up a product page specifically for this, but until then please email us at for more information.

We use leading solar design programs to create a system schematic, calculate output, and show visually the impact on your utility bill. We can calculate the effects of shading, component efficiencies, and identify mismatches to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck! And we can identify tax incentives and calculate cost savings based on real energy usage.

We will need the address, energy company and plan, and a minimum of one year of energy usage. We will then get to work designing a system to fit your budget and usage, and may ask additional questions during the design process, such as roof tilt or estimated height of trees or other obstructions on or near the array. We can design systems with or without batteries, on- or off-grid, and can also integrate any existing equipment you have.

About a week later, we will send you PDF documents with system production and recommended components. The Helioscope report will show energy production, an array schematic, and sources of system loss.

Helioscope simulation


Don't install a solar system without first understanding your specific needs and goals. We will help you determine the best system size and what you can fit into your budget. We're not here to upsell you or get you into a system that you don't need, we're merely here to give you the knowledge to make informed decisions and control the means of your energy production!


NOTE: We are NOT a solar installer, nor are we affiliated with any residential solar installers. We do, however, employ solar developers who have experience with public works and commercial solar systems. We will have to make a few assumptions while designing your system, so actual numbers may not reflect our calculations with 100% accuracy. This program is merely meant to provide an idea of how large a solar system your residence can allow, and estimate the best size to maximize savings.

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