Lithium Battery Repair

Lithium batteries are expensive. Why buy new when we can refurbish your existing scooter, e-bike, even deep-cycle battery? Simply put, we extend the useful life of lithium batteries and turn nuisance waste back into useful assets.

How Does It Work?

Contact us using the form below, providing the make and model of battery. We will review whether the battery can be repaired economically and provide a prepaid shipping label and lithium battery warning labels, along with instructions for packaging and shipping.

Lithium battery repair

Once received we will analyze and disassemble the battery, then provide a quote for our services. Typical costs are about half the cost of a new battery and we're often able to safely increase capacity above the manufacturer's rating.

Lithium battery repair results

All components are recycled per R2 standards. We manufacture new and refurbished battery assemblies for various applications and all of our work is covered by a 1-year warranty.

e-bike lithium battery repair
Battery temperature check during discharge test
e-bike battery assembly disassembled and ready for repair
e-bike battery fully reassembled and tested

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