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To create innovative technologies that remove barriers to sustainable energy storage and generation.

About Us

Higher Wire Inc. gives new life to old lithium batteries and is revolutionizing the way the world views sustainable energy. We're solving environmental and supply-chain concerns by creating innovative technologies that make energy storage and generation more cost-effective and accessible, such as our patent-pending process to reintegrate batteries into Second Life applications. We safely disassemble used lithium battery packs and evaluate the individual cells within. Those which meet our strict grading criteria are repurposed into other forms of energy storage, which requires less energy and generates no chemical waste as compared to end-of-life recycling. We provide comprehensive solutions for municipalities, e-waste processing centers and battery end users to minimize their burden for processing, as well as design, engineering, installation and maintenance when deploying our Second Life systems.

Welcome to the World of Higherwire!

Our Team

Trevor Warren

Founder and President





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2405 S Industrial Park Ave
Tempe, AZ 85282

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