A stand-up electric scooter
Higherwire handles thousands of batteries a day, the vast majority of them lithium. As a manufacturer of Second Life lithium batteries, we know the risk of battery fires and take every precaution to prevent and prepare for them. That includes mandatory safety training and PPE to protect our employees, fire extinguishers and sand-filled buckets at every station, ensuring batteries are stored away from flammable materials, and working with local fire officials to make sure our policies and procedures are safe. It’s also why we’re acquiring UL, R2 and ISO certifications. We want to make sure everything we do is as safe as it is sustainable.
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A used scooter battery pack
Higherwire has partnered with several electric mobility companies to create a circular process for their returned battery packs! Our main focus is to pair these with our solar energy storage systems, as usual. However, supply is such that we're also going to offer them as a budget-friendly solution for those looking to build custom packs.
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